Wednesday Sessions - July 19

Jul 19 2017

Solar Decathlon:
Innovation Through Competition

Every year the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon enlists teams of college students to design, build, and operate the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive solar-powered house. This October Denver will host the competition, with a dozen homes available for the public to tour. Learn more about this exclusive event and the innovations that grow from the creative energy this competition sparks.
Joe Simon

On The Menu:
Investing In The Future Of Sustainability

How can sustainability be good business? Join chef-owner Linda Hampsten Fox and GC Amory Narvaes for a lively talk on their experiences and investments in sustainable technology while working on The Bindery, Ltd, Eatery, Bakery, Market in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood.
Linda Hampsten Fox
Amory Narvaes

Why come into the office?
Exploring The Workplace In The Age Of The Digital Nomad

As our business communication moves nearly exclusively to digital conversations and our work can be accessed anywhere, are physical desks and workplaces still relevant? What makes coming into the office a necessary part of modern working world?
Andrea Springer
Michelle Liebling
Eric Gonzales
Drew Marlow

Mise en Place:
Serving Up The Philosophy Of Organization

Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "everything in its place." This philosophy can be carried over from the kitchen to enhance the work of other types of creative professions. But how and why can this philosophy create a higher level of preparedness to ensure more efficient workflow?
Ken Andrews
Justin Cucci
Tommy Lee
Joshua Wills
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Intermission & Lunch Break

All Up In Your Biz:
Things To Know Before You Start-Up

Thinking of starting your own design firm? Learn how several young Denver designers have branched out to start their own businesses. Learn tips, tricks, challenges, and opportunities for starting your...
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Bill Allen
Steve Hurd

Pioneering Innovation & Preservation:
Practice, Pragmatism And The Wild West

The landscape of the west requires a unique language of design. Eric Logan, as a principal of Carney Logan Burke Architects has helped to develop a design philosophy that that embraces the spirit and history of the west and a harmonious relationship with nature.
Eric Logan

Designing for Accessibility:
Overcoming The Outdated Notions Of Disability

There are nearly 56 million people with disabilities living in the US, which represents nearly 20 percent of the population. From high tech wheelchairs to 3-d prosthetic limbs, learn how designers are pushing boundaries and redefining the limitations of disabilities.
Damon McLeese

Micro-cinema film screening: Linotype

A temporary micro-cinema on wheels designed by Denver-based Sort Studio will host an intimate screening of Denver Design Week speaker Doug Wilson’s documentary Linotype: The Film.
Meredith Dale
Brian Dale
Doug Wilson
Oct 17 2018

Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Since Henry Ford, we have developed processes to fit mass production and mass consumption. Now, today, disruptive technology is changing the game again and the limits will be on us as designers, not process or capital.
Doug Golenz

Can Tiny Homes Help Solve Denver’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Interest in Tiny Homes has continued to grow and gain momentum across the country and here in Colorado. This session will explore ideas on how they could be one solution to affordable housing in our state.
Jonas DiCaprio
Peter Blank
Tim Reinen
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Lunch Break

The children of Today leading 3D printing tomorrow!

The 3D Printing Store’s workshop/hackathon/design competition.
Debra Wilcox
Adam Steinbach, NCARB, AIA

Keynote –
Empowering with Digital Print

When the tools don’t get you the results you need. How digital printing made me a better designer.
Dian Holton

Keynote –
Material, Craft and Technique: The Process of Design

Learn about designer Hylnur Atlason and his Manhattan-based studio and how they take on so many different project types, from a women’s razor to Xbox packaging to DWR’s wonderful womb of a chair, the Lîna Swivel.
Hylnur Atlason
Jason Belaire