Tea Fueled Design

Tea Fueled Design


‘As a child, it began by building a backyard catapult with my dad that we would use to throw tennis balls back in the UK! Since that early age, I’ve been enamored with the idea of creating designs and structures. Lego sets just wouldn’t cut it any longer!

A favorite is learning a new tool or technique that can open up a greater number of creative possibilities! This exploration and growth has been enormously helped by the non-profit Makerspace, Solid State Depot (BoulderHackerspace.com).

These days the focus for Tea Fueled Design is to create modern, interesting design that is accessible to a wide audience, including creations my partner and I would feature in our own home!

Largely this past year has been focused on building the Pet Collection at TFD, including stylish cat condos, dog crates, feeding shelves, and more! All of that with the intention to better the designs that we have in our homes, not sacrificing style or function when it comes to our beloved pets.

I just love creating, TFD has allowed me to explore that passion. From the standard options that are made-to-order by hand, to the custom creations for clients both local and nationwide! There’s even a few of my designs out there in Europe and Canada, which makes me beyond happy!” 

-Jacob at TeaFueledDesign.com