Women in Design

Women in Design


Women in Design is the only professional women’s organization in Denver for designers in the build industry. This means our events are more intimate, our programs are more involved, and our members are more impactful.

Cheryl Bicknell, Martha Bennett, and Peggy Kinsey founded Women in Design in 2005 to foster a self-supporting community of female professionals across the design professions through social, community service, and professional activities. The first meeting attracted nearly 50 women from engineering, architecture, and interior design firms across the city.

Today, we cultivate a thriving community of more than 500 members with diverse experience and interests and representing more than 250 local, national, and international companies throughout Metro Denver. Our talents and passions range from architecture, engineering, construction, landscape design, interior design, experiential graphic design, and other design- and build-related fields.

Striving to be a leading resource for women who work with the built environment, we bring together professionals, students, educators and allied organizations to learn from one another’s experiences, benefit from our connections, and share in each other’s successes.

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