Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Since Henry Ford, we have developed processes to fit mass production and mass consumption. Now, today, disruptive technology is changing the game again and the limits will be on us as designers, not process or capital.

Data, Design and the Venture Studio:
A New Model for Social Change

Today’s challenges are so complex it is hard to make meaningful change. Denise and Aman’s work often achieves impact through “perturbing the system” - working at several levels at once and releasing solutions that affect the system in multiple places.

The Last 10% is Where the True Experience Lies

From interactive touchscreens to high impact video walls, Digital Signage is changing how we design spaces allowing us to strategically communicate messaging like we never have before.

Win by Design:
Lessons from the Frontlines

In this talk, Surya Vanka will share practical tips for organizations large and small to use design as a competitive advantage. He will share lessons learned from the frontlines from service design, interaction design and industrial design.