Equity by Design:
Why We Need to Represent the Demographics We Serve

Equity by Design:
Why We Need to Represent the Demographics We Serve

Findings from the American Institute of Architects highlight quite a gender disparity in architectural firms, with only 17 percent of female graduates becoming principals or partners. Learn about the study, gain insight from local leaders, and find out ways to improve diversity and inclusion in your firm.

Shifting Gears:
Design and the Driverless Car Revolution

Welcome to the future. Driverless vehicles have arrived ahead of schedule, and their impact on our lives in the coming years will be enormous. From the way we design our vehicles to how we reshape our urban landscape, the implications are vast and wide ranging. Author Rutt Bridges hosts.

A S*Park of Inspiration:
How Branding Affects Place

An ultra-green, two city-block residential development in the RiNo neighborhood serves as a shining example of how to meld varied creative elements to create a distinct sense of livability. Is this a template for the future of urban living?

Closing Keynote:
Design for a Disruptive Age

An internationally known writer, speaker, and advisor, Andrew Zolli is a Fellow of the National Geographic Society and a consultant to brands like GE, Nike, and Facebook. His closing keynote ties together themes of resilience in design, leaving attendees inspired and equipped to move their own work forward.