Why come into the office?
Exploring The Workplace In The Age Of The Digital Nomad

Jul 19 2017
10:45 am
CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning
1250 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Why come into the office?
Exploring The Workplace In The Age Of The Digital Nomad

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If we are always accessible via phone and internet, are dedicated physical workplaces irrelevant? As devices become more portable and workers become even more mobile, what does the future of work look like? A seat at a coffee shop? A lounge chair on a beach?

Here, a workplace designer, recruiter, and a co-working community manager discuss about why mobile workers and sole proprietors are still choosing to “come to work,” and what differentiating amenities, workplace features, and furniture solutions are informing their decisions of where and how to work.

Michelle Liebling is a design principal and studio director in Gensler’s Denver office. A licensed interior designer and LEED accredited professional, Michelle is recognized for her ability to create inspired design strategies that are uniquely tailored to support her client’s vision and business objectives.
Drew Marlow is a principal at Acquilano Leslie Inc. working in design, space planning, project management and client relations. He is a licensed architect, a member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), and a LEED accredited professional.
Eric Gonzales is a workplace evolution specialist for Herman Miller’s Applied Placemaking. As a specialist, Eric’s work guides the development of a customer’s workplace evolution and their design direction while helping them create a Living Office.
With a diverse skillset in art, design and business, Andrea Springer brings a holistic view of architecture to her role as Project Designer and Project Coordinator with RNL. She is driven by her passion to design spaces and objects that shape people’s environment and experiences in a new way.