Responsive Learning = Innovation + Creativity

Jul 20 2017
10:00 am
CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning
1250 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Responsive Learning = Innovation + Creativity

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Session Synopsis:

This interactive studio session will allow participants to flex their own design muscles while exploring how cultures of responsive learning can maximize an organizations creative potential.

Session Description:

While we can’t know exactly what the future will hold, that is, we can’t predict the future, neither can we assume that today’s choices and assumptions will still be relevant tomorrow.  So how do we as creative professionals keep up with this pace of change?  Culture.

Culture provides us the opportunity to establish ways of thinking, behaving and working both within and beyond our organizations to meet the needs of this ever-changing world of creative work.  Join experience architect Jim Stephens, co-founder of the CUBE school, for an interactive studio session where participants will not only actively explore the elements of responsiveness but design a personalized cultural model for their own organizations.


Jim Stephens is the co-founder of the CUBE school here in Denver. As an experience architect who integrates anthropology and the science of learning into inspiring and relevant experiences, Jim seeks to go beyond something that simply engages–he wants to envelope people, take over their senses and realign their perspectives. A key concept in this work is immersion: the ability to create physical and intellectual spaces that
become a complete universe in which all who enter are not observers but key characters of the story. Jim has been creating immersive learning experiences in the education and design worlds for over 20 years and the CUBE is his most recent attempt at bridging that gap.