Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Oct 17 2018
10:15 am - 11:15 am
Junction 23
2323 Delgany St
Denver, CO 80202

Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Technology, Design
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The word disruptive can mean innovative or ground breaking. Since Henry Ford, we have developed processes to fit mass production and mass consumption. Now, today, disruptive technology is changing the game again. Business models that were built on large scale production and mass markets are being replaced by technology driven business models. Additive manufacturing and new sales tools are replacing the old models. Mass customization or personal products….are created thru new design driven manufacturing. Design for manufacturing is being replaced with manufacturing for design.  We are entering a new world. The limits will be on us as designers, not process or capital.

This talk will focus on advancing technology as it relates to innovation and changing processes. Presenter Doug Golenz will also highlight the use of recycled carbon fiber for the 3d printing of carbon fiber production frames, and how this all relates to capital and restrictions and limitless possibilities via these new processes.

Doug will bring the first-ever Arevo printed bike to this talk. Learn more about this bike.

Doug Golenz (STUDIOWEST)