Mid-Century Modern:
Pop Culture Trend or Enduringly Relevant Design?

Jul 16 2017
10:00 am
1316 S. Elm Street, Denver

Mid-Century Modern:
Pop Culture Trend or Enduringly Relevant Design?

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For over 20 years, Mid-century modern architecture and design has seen not just a revived interest but has actually gained momentum with mid-century modern home prices escalating well beyond other home typologies. And vintage mid-century modern furniture also continues to gain in value while designs inspired by the ”mid-mod” look are now so ubiquitous that you can get them at Target.

Why is this happening? Is it just a trend that has stayed afloat on the obsession of a small dedicated base and beginning its descent into being cliché?

Or is the powerful allure grounded in something more principled?

MCM architect William Krisel stated last year, “Mid-Century Modern architecture is not a style and is based on solid principals of design and human needs, along with functionalism, respect for the environment, and solving the basic human desires for livability.”

From a practical approach, how does this architecture and design serve the modern family? What elements have endured and where has it fallen short?

These questions will be posed to a panel of mid-century modern experts and form the foundation of fun and lively conversation to be held inside a Mid-Century Modern home in Krisana Park.

There is a tour of Krisana Park homes following this session. Those who purchase tickets to the session will receive a discount code for $5 off the tour.

Peter Blank has been buying and selling real estate for the past 12 years. His passion for architecture, design and real estate, combined with his eagerness to please, has rewarded him with loyal clients and many friends.
Adrian Kinney’s combination of charisma, passion, and attention to detail make him the perfect agent to work with in selling or buying a home. He is also your best connection to that Mid-Century home you have been dreaming of or the one you have and want cared for the same way you have upon sale.
Bill Nelson is an artist, author, collector, documentary filmmaker and serial home renovator. With his wife, Lara Merriken, he has sensitively brought back to life historic properties in Denver and Los Angeles, most recently a Usonian masterpiece designed by Colorado architect Victor Hornbein. A board member for Colorado Preservation, Inc., Bill proudly engages in a wide variety of historic-preservation activities across the state.
Jonas DiCaprio, is the owner of Design Platform in Denver Colorado. Design Platform’s focus is modern architecture, construction, and fabrication.