Lakehouse: A Case Study for Health & Wellness in Real Estate

Lakehouse: A Case Study for Health & Wellness in Real Estate

What does it mean to make our homes healthier?

Around the world, people are beginning to recognize that the design of the places we live is a key tool in preserving our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, a variety of factors have made it difficult for informed buyers to act while many developers have remained on the sidelines, citing a major impact on construction costs and added challenges to the design process.

The reality is, with a disciplined approach and the right team, the cost of designing spaces that actively support human health and wellbeing doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, a rigorous, performance-based certification program like the WELL Building Standard, although still relatively new, has added credibility to the global wellness movement, resulting in projects that provide long-term gains for investors, communities and residents alike that far outweigh the additional up-front time and investment.

On the south shore of Denver’s Sloan’s Lake, Lakehouse serves as an important case study for health and wellness in residential real estate. By applying new thinking and the latest research in multifamily design, with a specific focus on how architecture, operations and amenities can better support resident health and wellness, Lakehouse equips residents to make healthy choices.

Brian Levitt, MRECM, LEED, AP® – Co-Founder & President of NAVA Real Estate Development
Angela Harris – CEO, Principal of TRIO
Rachel Bannon-Godfrey – Principal, Discipline Leader–Sustainability (Buildings) of Stantec
Quint Redmond – Co-Founder & Managing Member of Agriburbia LLC