Tour: Go to The Source: Preview RiNo’s first hotel with Zeppelin Development

Jul 15 2017
11:15 am
Source Hotel
3350 Brighton Blvd
Denver, Colorado, 80216

Tour: Go to The Source: Preview RiNo’s first hotel with Zeppelin Development

Zepplin Development’s The Source Hotel is a culinary complex and lifestyle hotel in the heart of Denver’s vibrant RiNo Art District. It expands on the nationally recognized Source market hall, a collection of top food and beverage artisans set in an 1880’s iron foundry.

Zeppelin Development is recognized for over forty years of innovative mixed-use projects in Denver’s urban core neighborhoods. Partner Justin Croft will lead a hard hat tour through the hotel, including a raw guest room with accompanying renderings of the finished space. He’ll present renderings of the exterior, hi-res shots of digital displays of hotel collateral, including in-room details and menus. Attendees will also get a first look at the hotel’s Winter Session pillows, Calico Wallpaper and merchandise designed by Wunder Werkz.

Kyle Zeppelin will join the tour to speak specifically on the design collaborations/partners. He’ll explain why they chose the brands they chose to do the interiors, give a brief on the pool design, and speak to the significance of Wunder Werkz, the design studio behind all of Zeppelin projects and the role they play with the hotel.

The Architect for the project is Dynia Architects and furnishings will be from HAY, Weltreeve, Norman Copenhagen with Pablo designs for lighting throughout. Each attendee will receive The Source Hotel Look Book, an official sneak peek at designer collaboration details, partners, and other details of this exciting new project.

Justin Croft is a partner at Zeppelin and oversees leasing, project management and hospitality. He led the charge on development of The Source market hall and is doing so for the next phase of the project, The Source Hotel. He’s also focused on Zeppelin Station, a multicultural food hall and creative workplace.
As President of Zeppelin Places, Kyle Zeppelin has made his mark in Denver’s urban neighborhoods, launching pioneering projects that have launched new business districts.