Empowering Designers:
Collaboration for Fabrication Discussion and Tour

Oct 20 2019
3:30 pm-5:30 pm
3795 E. 38th Ave.
Unit B
Denver, CO
(SW corner of the
warehouse with a blue roof)

Empowering Designers:
Collaboration for Fabrication Discussion and Tour

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Join Michael Blea and Breton Lujan of Raw Creative as they discuss how early collaboration for fabrication can help designers retain control and see their most creative ideas brought to life. Blea and Lujan, whose firm offers custom architectural, interior, and furniture design, know the importance of customized design that is unique, detail-oriented, and functional.

They have learned that when custom fabricators are engaged too late in the process it can result in unnecessary “value engineering.” But when fabricators are able to collaborate early in the process, critical details relating to installation, fabrication optimization and finish details can be identified to reach project targets and budgets.

Designers need to feel empowered not only to design spaces and objects that are highly creative but also to regain control of costs, schedules and timelines to help ensure they remain a part of the project. 

This discussion will be followed by a tour of Raw Creative’s fabrication facility.

Michael Blea – Founder, Raw Creative
Breton Lujan – Founder, Raw Creative