Designing for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Oct 22 2019
6:00 pm-8:00 pm
Oz Architecture
3003 Larimer Street

Designing for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

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As designers, we already know the importance of how our work affects people physically. From ADA access, to the elimination of toxic materials, to ensuring proper ventilation throughout a building, we always consider these critical factors in any architectural design. However, today’s designers also need to consider more than the physical attributes, but also how a space affects the mental and emotional health of all who encounter it.

In this talk session, OZ Architecture Principals David Schafer, Tracy Tafoya, and Julie Edwards will discuss how mental and emotional well-being are influencing design across Denver and the country.

Tracy Tafoya – Leader of OZ’s Interior Design studio
David Schafer – Principal leader of OZ’s higher education practice area
Julie Edwards – Director of Sustainability