Xan Creative presents Keynote:
Design is Responsibility

Oct 25 2019
6:00 pm-8:30 pm
Space Gallery Annex
95 S. Cherokee Street
Denver, CO

Xan Creative presents Keynote:
Design is Responsibility

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Tile tracking devices. Jawbone fitness trackers. The world’s first 3D-printed community. Wearable headbands that enhance deep sleep. Robotic bassinets. The XO laptop for One Laptop per Child. These are the kinds of cool projects that have come out of the nimble minds at San Francisco company fuseproject, founded by renowned design guru Yves Béhar. The company’s award-winning vice president of design, Qin Li, who is also board chair of the Industrial Designers Society of America, will talk about how the company innovates with the goal of elevating human life and creating a smarter, healthier (and cooler) world.

Fuseproject has a global client roster, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, all with unique problems and needs. Qin Li will present this keynote talk about responsibility in design, generating tangible products to suit human needs. With the rapid growth in technology, industrial design has become critical in quickly bringing new ideas and new products to life. Designers are owning more of the responsibility for creating new experiences that will have a meaningful impact, not only to the individual but to the world.

As fuseproject has grown, it has scaled for and supported different ages, economic backgrounds, and multiple countries. Through design, it works to build bridges that better connect individuals to technology and innovate during a product’s life and death through new materials and processes. 

Qin Li, Vice President of Design, fuseproject