Building on 100 Years of History:
Adaptive Reuse in a Branded Hotel

Oct 18 2019
1:00 pm-3:00 pm
The Hilton Garden Inn Denver Union Station
1999 Chestnut Place
Denver, CO

Building on 100 Years of History:
Adaptive Reuse in a Branded Hotel

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Across the country, architects and designers are finding hidden opportunities in the form of historic, often dilapidated buildings.

With the unique design of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel adjacent to Denver’s first firehouse., JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE faced the challenge of a meticulous historic restoration in Denver’s Union Station district. The hotel’s unique L-shape wraps around the Hose House, creating a contextual, authentic feel that serves as a beautiful backdrop to this historic gem.

Attendees of this event will:

  • Tour the Hilton Garden Inn – Union Station and discover the incredible seven-year process involved in saving Denver’s first firehouse. In the heart of one of the city’s most beloved historic neighborhoods, it is the only surviving brick building from the 19th-Century “bottoms” neighborhood. After spending decades in disrepair, Hose House No. 1 is now a prominent feature of a vibrant hotel.
  • Tour the Woodie Fisher Restaurant and see the extensive restoration process JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE and Boss Architecture underwent to repair and transform the building into a newly-opened dining spot.
  • Discover the careful attention to historic detail, masons sourced authentic 1880s unfired bricks to be re-mortared into the façade. Steel beams were placed on the four corners of the building for stability. Hundreds of decisions along the way created this shining example of thoughtful adaptive reuse.
  • Examine the delicate massing and a brilliant jewel-box of curtain windows, making the hotel a beacon, drawing guests into this vibrant urban neighborhood.


Heather Vasquez Johnson – Associate principal at JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE
Tobias Strohe – Partner of JOHNSON NATHAN STROHE
Brent Forget – BOSS.architecture
Jeremy Nothdurft – Chief Operating Officer, Alliance Construction Solutions