Beyond the Transaction:
Trends, Tech, and the Modern Consumer Experience

Jul 14 2016
10:00 am
CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning
1250 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Beyond the Transaction:
Trends, Tech, and the Modern Consumer Experience

Marketing, Professional Development, Showrooms, Technology
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Eighty-nine percent of retail executives believe that customer experience will be their key mode of competition by the end of 2016 according to Gartner. In order to drive people to brick and mortar stores and showrooms, businesses must elevate personalization and create digital parity with experiences that are as fast, streamlined, and engaging as possible. Developing multipurpose retail strategies and omni-channel integration are critical to staying competitive and engaging consumers.

Roth Living, a national distributor for SubZero and Wolf appliances, is in the process of redesigning all their showrooms to facilitate a richer and more personalized customer experience. Working with architectural firm Arch11 and technologist Yaniv Kanfi, they have created an 8’x15’ video wall that allows customers to see, at actual size, how specific appliances will look in a realistic kitchen environment. In this panel discussion, come learn about this cutting-edge technology and learn more about how to optimize the customer experience.

In this session, you will:
● Learn how technology can facilitate more customization and personalization for the modern customer.
● Understand what it means to achieve digital parity … and why it matters.
● Learn how showroom design and technology help optimize the relationship between the customer and the business.
● Hear how to move beyond the transaction by engaging your customer with multi-purpose retail strategies such as classes, demonstrations, and tutorials.

Denise Manu is the Vice President of Marketing at Roth Living. The Colorado based business specializes in distribution of high-end residential appliances throughout 14 states. A native of Idaho, she grew up in the appliance business and worked for her family for many years. After finishing her degree at Idaho State University, she took a sales and marketing position with Roth Living. Sixteen of the 21 years at Roth, Manu’s primary responsibility was in regional sales management and she has spent the last five years in her current role. Staying active on the sales side of the business feeds her competitive spirit, but the artistic connection of design, architecture, and culinary is why she continues to love working in the luxury kitchen and bath industry.
After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design, Claire Jordan practiced for several years in Los Angeles at a small firm that specialized in high-end residential projects in Los Angeles and Chicago. During her time in Los Angeles, she not only explored the never ending mid-century
modern work of Neutra, Eames, and Schindler, she also lived in a Schindler apartment overlooking Griffith Park. A native of Colorado, Jordan decided to move back to her roots and started working at Arch11 in 2006. At Arch11, she is a pivotal asset and skilled designer and brings extensive experience in furniture, cabinetry design, and fabrication to her work.
A digital pioneer, Yaniv Kanfi has been partnering with brands to solve business challenges since the days of Earthlink and Compuserve and launched his first site in 1996. Kanfi has led global, multidisciplinary teams in the relentless and uncompromising pursuit of innovative digital solutions. Always focused on the end-user, he is equal parts strategist, producer, and technologist. He has worked with top brands including, Google, HP, Yahoo, The North Face, Ikea and Knoll. Yaniv is now the President of iTriage, a Denver-based technology company focused on empowering individuals to navigate the complex healthcare system and get the best available care.
Alysha Archer has been with Roth Living for 11 years, and has spent the last five years there overseeing the strategy and development for several digital products geared toward experiential marketing in Rothís new generation showrooms.