16th Street Mall:
The Spine of the City

Jul 17 2017
9:30 am
CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning
1250 14th Street
Denver, CO 80202

16th Street Mall:
The Spine of the City

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This year world renowned architect I.M. Pei turned 100, and his last Denver design, the 16th Street Mall, turned 35.  The Mall has been called “public art of the highest international quality” and likened to a Swiss watch due to its intricate design.  The 16th Street Mall was ambitious and visionary, intended to revitalize Denver’s most important street with a world class design to bring pedestrians, residents, commuters, shoppers and workers together in a place that is unmistakably western, unmistakable Denver, and unmistakably memorable. 


In March 2017 the City of Denver and RTD announced a new planning process for the Mall, evaluating what infrastructure and design changes might be necessary or desirable as the Mall approaches its 40th birthday.  Join a panel of speakers to understand the intricate design elements of the Mall, from its carpet-runner of granite pavers, its distinctive twinkle lights to its carefully cultivated trees, and hear discussion about its future as the spine of downtown Denver.

Annie Robb Levinsky is the Executive Director of Historic Denver, Inc.  Through her work at Historic Denver Annie seeks to inspire ideas and actions that support the city’s historic fabric and contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community with a unique identity.
Brad Buchanan is the executive director of Denver Community Planning and Development. He is responsible for implementing visionary city planning and safe, sustainable building throughout Denver.
John Desmond is the Executive Vice President of Downtown Environment for the Downtown Denver Partnership, he is also Executive Director of the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District, which is responsible for a variety of programs to enhance 120 blocks of Downtown Denver’s public realm, most notably the upkeep of the 16th Street Mall.
Rich L. Von Luhrte is the Senior Principal, past President and Emeritus Board Member and his advocacy for urbanism, and quality design has carried over to his involvement in professional and community organizations. Rich was the project manager for the design of the 16th Street Mall.