2021 Schedule

Oct 16 2021

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die Redux:
Punk Graphic Design & Reversing Into the Future and New Wave Graphic Design at the Emmanuel Art Gallery Presented by CU Denver’s Emmanuel Art Gallery

Punk and New Wave posters will take over the walls of the historic Emmanuel Art Gallery in two electrifying exhibitions, depicting the revolutionary intersections of music, design, and pop culture. The storied posters, patches, and fashion...
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Good Bones:
A Tour of DU’s First Mass Timber Building, The Burwell Center for Career Achievement Presented by Shears Adkins Rockmore

Join SAR+ for a tour of DU’s first mass timber building, The Burwell Center for Career Achievement. Opened in the fall of 2020, this three-story, 23,000-square-foot facility provides a mix of classroom space, faculty and administrative...
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Dan Craig

Centuries of Design:
Bringing the Past into Modern Spaces Presented by Eron Johnson Antiques

Join Eron Johnson, owner of Eron Johnson Antiques and award-winning interior designer Eric Mandil, founder of Mandil, Inc. for an interactive talk on the benefits of integrating antiques and vintage objects into modern design spaces. Take a...
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Eron Johnson
Eric Mandil, AIA, NCARB, ICAA

Shop Class:
The Intersection of Craftsmanship and Digital Tooling Presented by Raw Creative

At the core of every successful project is a team of passionate individuals searching for creative solutions to complex problems. At Raw Creative, our goal is to give designers and builders the tools they need to...
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Preston Rains
Adriana Oñate
Alexa Kaczor
Nick Longwell
Jason Mauterer
Breton Lujan
Mike Blea

The New Workplace –
A Survey of Creative New Spaces Throughout the US and Abroad Presented by Presence Design Group

Along with attitudes on work and office culture, workplaces around the world are changing. This discussion will look at the physical and spatial parameters of where and how we work, in a workplace Presence Design Group...
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Dan O’Brien

To Fabricate, To Think:
James Florio and the Making of Radical Logic

A monastic chamber enclosed with half-eaten, concrete-encrusted hay bales. Three poured-in-place masses caught in a balancing act on the edge of a barren mesa. The emotional impact of the work by award-winning architects Antón García-Abril and...
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James Florio
Oct 17 2021

Maker Marketplace

This is a one-day only Maker Marketplace at McNichols Civic Center Building featuring 40+ of the best artisans and makers on the Front Range! The event is free to attend and will feature handmade goods and...
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SOLD OUT | Japanese Inspired Minimalism Designed by Studio Limited
Presented by Jorgen Jensen of SLATE Real Estate Advisors

Join Jorgen Jensen of SLATE Real Estate Advisors for a tour of his personal residence, Hai House, designed and built by Christian Butler of Studio Limited. Participants are invited to experience an urban contemporary design that’s...
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Jorgen Jensen
Oct 18 2021

Smart Planning for the Future
Presented by Quality Audio Video

What does smart planning for the future mean among the design-build community in Colorado and homeowners alike?  From the CEO of Stackhouse to award-winning firms like Thomas Sattler Homes to Interior Designers featured on HGTV’s Design...
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Delroy Gill
Ryan Egan
Tim Barstad
Eli Hariton
Trent Minshall
Dusty Jenkins

The Voyage Out:
Stories from the Early Days at Colorado’s Top Architecture Firms, a Live Episode of Architect-ing* with Adam Wagoner

Every company has its beginning. The impetus to go it alone, embracing all the autonomy such a choice brings, is often met with excitement and clarity—as well as an unavoidable dose of trial and tribulation. What...
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Joana Emhof
Hans Osheim
Kevin Nguyen
Stephen Dynia, FAIA
Adam Wagoner

SOLD OUT | Multi-Layered: Achieving Symbiosis in Multi-Use Spaces Presented by SEGD

As new commercial and residential developments pop up in Denver, thoughtful planning and design plays an ever-important role in the future of the city. We’ll take a tour of two new multi-use projects, Market Station and...
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Shannon Jones
Dave Tweed
Herm Medina
Doug Alexander

The Story of Scent:
How to Incorporate the Olfactory into Experiential Design Presented by Scentex

Humans experience the world through sensory receptors: scent is a powerful and protective sense that evokes memories and emotions and helps us to navigate the world. Designers, event planners, architects, and other experience creators typically limit...
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Tiffany Rose Goodyear

Building Horizons:
Community Design for Rural Colorado presented by ColoradoBuildingWorkshop

The Severance Community Park pedestrian bridge is the first build completed for the town of Severance by Colorado Building Workshop. Led by CU faculty Rick Sommerfeld and Will Konig, students worked from August 2020 through June...
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Ty Garner
Julianna Cox
Bo Lee
Sadie Thurston
Negin Sabouhi
Abby Votava
Richard McSwain
Brittany Thomson

Night / Light:
Transforming Exterior Environments with Lighting Design Presented by AE Design

Thoughtful exterior lighting design integrates into the environment, creating experiential spaces that don’t compromise the night sky. Knowing how to strategically design and control lighting systems in symbiosis with the nightscape, while also creating a safe,...
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Addie Smith
Sai Krishna
Oct 19 2021

Design In Advertising –
Why Design Driven Brands Are So Successful Presented by Ad Club Colorado

Advertising is a persuasive form of communication centered around raising the profile of a brand or moving customers in a specific direction to buy a company’s product or services. When it comes to visual communication, masterful...
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Andrew Hoffman
Ellen Bruss
Jen Hohn

The 500-Million-Ton Elephant in the Room:
Reducing Systemic Waste in Construction Presented by GFDA, WM, and Cottonwood Builders

The construction and demolition industries account for roughly 500 million tons of waste being sent to landfills each year in the United States alone. Fortunately, change isn’t as hard as it may seem. The GFDA, a...
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Jeff Hindman
Amanda White
Imani Hamilton

Designing with Front Range Native Plants Presented by Colorado State University

The Front Range of Colorado provides ample opportunity to design landscapes with native plants that can handle our varied soils, low amounts of natural precipitation and often unpredictable weather patterns. People think that if they take the...
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Jennifer Bousselot
Deryn Davidson

The Power of Place:
Contextual Branding & Experiential Design presented by Tryba Architects

Join Tommy Matthews of Tryba Architects for a discussion on the role branding and experiential design play in building a unique sense of place. The discussion will explore how uncovering and amplifying the unique social and...
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Tommy Matthews

At the Level:
Finding the Balance Between Creative Expression and Professional Service Presented by bldg.collective & Roth Living

How do designers best fulfill their creative vision while successfully meeting the needs of clients? Join bldg.collective for a lively conversation about the balance between personal creative expression and professional service in the design industry. A...
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Felix Tannenbaum
Ashley Stevens
Jay Ferracane
Sage Case
Steven Perce
Chris Gray

Sealed with Steel: Designing for Performance with Steel Windows + Doors
Presented by Signature Windows + Doors with panelists from Rehme Steel and Studio B Architecture

The steel aesthetic is a hallmark of contemporary design, popular with practitioners and beloved by clients. However, there are many difficulties and particularities to consider when designing with steel windows and doors. Notably, steel fenestration presents...
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Sarah Harkins
Alli Kittleson
Ben Anastasio

Illuminating Color:
Revealing the Complexities of Color, Science and Design presented by HLB Lighting

Color plays a critical role in our perception of the built environment and how we feel about the spaces we inhabit. It affects what we consciously perceive, things we like, and how we feel. It helps us...
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Shelby Allen, LEED AP BD+C, Jr. Associate IALD
Katherine Stekr, CLD, IALD, MIES, EDAC, LEED AP BD+C
Darcie Chinnis, PhD, PE, IALD, MIES, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP
Oct 20 2021

Outside / In:
How Biophilic Design Affects Wellbeing in Today’s Built Environment Presented by Greenmood

1 hour CEU Accredited Course HSW IDCEC. An outside-in perspective is required to counteract the bias to inward focus. It is a deliberate activity and approach that aims to drag a business back into focusing on...
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Macelle Albelda

Designing the South Platte River:
Past, Present, and Future Presented by ULI Colorado

It’s commonly said that all great cities have great rivers. How can we emphasize the great river here in Denver and make it a desired setting where people want to play, live, and work? Join ULI...
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Designing with Architectural Glass:
The Answer is Yes!

Combining the convenience and versatility of glass with the precious beauty of gemstones, the Vetrite Gem Collection from SICIS is a technical marvel and a game-changer in creating luxurious, dream-like interior spaces. For thirty years, SICIS...
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Lessons Learned from the City of Brasília:
Urban Planning from a Global Lens Presented by AIA Colorado and Porcelanosa

Meet and listen to Antônio Carlos Moraes de Castro, one of the key urbanists who participated in numerous projects related to the construction and development of Brazil’s capital city, Brasília. Moraes de Castro will speak about...
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Antônio Carlos Moraes de Castro
Oct 21 2021

Made to Fit:
Why We Love Custom Design presented by Halax Co

Custom design is shaping the interior design world in both residential and commercial spaces, as more and more clients are demanding specialization, material transparency, and high-end finish work. This discussion will explain why custom design is on the...
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Bree Halax

Decarbonized Design:
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Buildings and Products Presented by Imani Hamilton Design

Global warming calls for rapid decarbonization. To start, what is a carbon footprint? What are the drivers of carbon emissions? As a practitioner of low carbon design in products, buildings, and systems, Imani Hamilton will cover...
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Imani Hamilton

The Essentialist Mind-Set and the New Economic Order:
How Living by Design and Not by Default Can Shape Our Lives at Both Work and Home Presented by SLATE Real Estate Advisors

Today’s society is more complex than ever and leaves little time for the casual participant to architect their own life. Join SLATE Real Estate Advisors as they host a panel discussion on theories in Essentialism and...
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Stan Kniss
Adam Ferry
Caroline Wilding
Christian Butler
JC Buck
Adam Moore

16th Annual 8×8 Speaker Series Presented by Women in Design Denver

Women in Design Denver is pleased to announce our 16th Annual 8×8 speaker series. This will be our first large in-person event since 2019 and will be presented as part of Denver Design Week. Our theme...
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Back to Work:
Designing for the Future of Office Presented by Zeppelin Development

Dive into a discussion presented by Zeppelin Development of how architects, developers, workplace designers, and companies are navigating a new standard of employee needs for successful integration back to the office. We’ll hear all about the importance...
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Julie Boardman
Adam Larkey
Alysia Radicia
Darcie Chinnis, PhD, PE, IALD, MIES, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP
Oct 22 2021

Your Personal Genius, Unboxed!
Presented by Vector Collaborative

What sets you apart—really? We are all so much more complex and unique than the confining boxes we are put in by others, or ourselves. This interactive workshop will help you explore and unpack your personal...
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Kari Sebern

The Impact of Architecture in Real Estate:
A Conversation with milehimodern + Semple Brown

When designing the LoHi showcase gallery for milehimodern, the emphasis on artistic value needed to be communicated in an instant for clients visiting the space. Semple Brown, local architecture and interior design firm, took the challenge...
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Carmelo Paglialunga
Haily Tweedie

Augmented Architecture:
Using VR to Inform Design Selections Presented by Sopher Sparn in partnership with Sierra Pacific Windows and Medium Labs

This event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in a virtual reality environment. Presented by Sopher Sparn in partnership with Sierra Pacific Windows and Medium Labs, VR equipment will be set up for...
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Tom Klinkenberg
Pax X
Ryan Goold

Off the Wall:
Jason Thielke’s Urban Mural Works Presented by Eliana Chioetto

Contemporary artists play a critical role in the texture of civic life and the creation of the built environment. Join local artist Jason Thielke, known for his expressive, drawing-based figurative work, for an exclusive viewing of...
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Jason Thielke

Wellness Inside and Out
Presented by CCY Architects & Room & Board

As health-related questions continue to occupy such a central part of our daily lives, the role of architecture in supporting health and wellness and connecting us to the natural world is as imperative as ever. Join...
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Rich Carr, AIA
Maura Trumble, AIA
Oct 23 2021

From Auto Garage to Urban Farm:
Design-Driven Adaptive Reuse Presented by Xan Creative

Join the team at Xan Creative to learn about the design challenges and solutions that brought The Feedery at Grow + Gather from concept to construction. Located in a repurposed auto shop on historic Old Hampden...
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Dana Ensing
Melissa Friday

A Walk Through the Woods:
A Guided Tour of Colorado’s Largest Live Edge Slab Warehouse Presented by CS Woods

Grab a glass of wine and take a guided tour of CS Woods’ 20,000 square foot collection of large live edge slabs and specialty lumber. You’ll find out how to design and order custom tabletops and...
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Kent Mace
Oct 24 2021

Setting a New Paradigm for Riverfront Development:
A Tour of Denargo Market Presented by Sasaki

Denargo Market is set to be one of the most significant riverfront redevelopments in Denver’s history, serving as a crucial link between downtown and the River North Area. Denargo includes the development of new public spaces...
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Josh Brooks

Play for All:
RiNo ArtPark and Creative Placemaking for Healthy Communities Presented by RiNo Art District

The RiNo ArtPark is a creative hub in the Five Points neighborhood designed to spark innovation and bring people together. Nestled within open green space at 35th and Arkins, and connected to the South Platte River,...
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Molly Pailet
Tracy Weil
John Deffenbaugh
Shawn Mather

SOLD OUT | Japanese Inspired Minimalism Designed by Studio Limited
Presented by Jorgen Jensen of SLATE Real Estate Advisors

Join Jorgen Jensen of SLATE Real Estate Advisors for a tour of his personal residence, Hai House, designed and built by Christian Butler of Studio Limited. Participants are invited to experience an urban contemporary design that’s...
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Jorgen Jensen