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Oct 12 2018

An Evening of Connection + Exploration + Discovery

Education Navigate. Discover. Connect. IGNITE. This cross-disciplinary event will bring together seasoned professionals and future designers/makers in the fields of Architecture + Interiors, Technology, Graphic Design, and Product/Industrial Design, presented...
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Oct 13 2018

TOUR: LOT Twenty Eight

Tour LOT 28, a redevelopment of a 45,000-square-foot former warehouse in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood featuring an urban oasis of lawn and trees.
Alison Nestel-Patt
Jen Holmes

TOUR: AEG RiNo Concert Hall – Hard Hat Tour

Tour the building site for the new AEG Mission Ballroom concert Hall that is coming to RINo in 2020. Learn about how a state of the art concert hall is created .
Kevin McClintock
Carrie Strickland
Don Strasburg

TOUR: Le Meridien / AC Hotel

The Le Meridien / AC Hotel not only embodies the culture of Denver but has already had a significant economic impact on Downtown Denver. Featuring multiple food and beverage venues and dynamic meeting space.
Michael Strohmer

Denver Design Week Launch Party – Saturday October 13

Come celebrate the launch of Denver Design Week on Saturday, October 13! ! Enjoy creative design displays, interactive art installations, local food and drink, and much more!
Oct 14 2018

TOUR: S*Park Sustainability Park – Cancelled DUE to SNOW!

Spark Sustainability Park is RiNo’s is focused on re-defining what an urban housing community should be and is focused on providing a healthy and sustainable environment for its community to live and grow.
Sally Herbert
Ryan Tobin
Mike Moore
Jonathan Alpert

TOUR: Red Rocks – Behind the Scenes

Experience a once in a lifetime-guided tour of where the ROCK legends of MUSIC arrive, stage and maneuver the underground tunnels of majestic Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Oct 15 2018

Design & Dine
Go Beyond The Dog Bowl

Join and learn the secrets from the Denver based company Outward Hound as their leaders take you through the 360 process from ideation through production.
Paul Banker
Michael Parness

Innovation by Design:
Every Organization Should Always Adapt and Pivot to Leverage Design Thinking

Being successful has always relied on the ability to work together and be creative. Learn how any organization can leverage design thinking to produce change, drive new ideas and deliver meaningful solutions
Thomas Lockwood
Edgar Papke

How the Sharing Economy is Shaping the Future of Design

In the new “sharing economy” we own much less and share much more. How will the places where people live, work, and play change to adapt to the “less is more” lifestyle?
Jesse Bank
Katie Dabbs
Adam Fenton
Kelly Davis, AIA
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Lunch Break

In Your Head:
Integrating Virtual and Augmented Reality
Into the Practice of Design

Explore how virtual reality’s adoption into the creative process improves communication between designer and client, minimizes potential conflicts in the field and promotes a more collaborative design and construction process
Adam Steinbach, NCARB, AIA
Jim Pfeiffer, NCARB

A “Sense” of Denver:
How to Collect and Present Using the 5 Senses an Accurate Depiction of the City You Live In!

Explore how we, as designers, can create richer interactions with our cities by utilizing and experiencing it with our five human senses of touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.
Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA, MMM, B-Eng

Keynote –
Natural Form Contemporary Function:
A Zaha Hadid and Boffi Collaboration

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Filipe Pereira will provide a narrative of 520 W. 28th New York’s history, design strategy and build. The session will also focus on the project’s custom kitchen — COVE – that Zaha Hadid designed with, Boffi.
Filipe Pereira

Keynote –
‘Ship of State’ – From the Crow’s Nest to the Keel, Expert Navigation Through Vision,
Design, and the Human Experience

This talk will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and the responsibility of creative thinkers in developing our cultural hubs. Giving each of us a compelling perspective on our role(s) as community stabilizers, but also visionaries.
Eric Thoelke
Oct 16 2018

The City in Nature
Elevating the Urban Landscape

A discussion of the city’s evolution looking to the past, present and future of Denver’s urban green spaces. Using case studies from Tryba Architects’ projects including Denver’s Botanic Gardens and Google’s Boulder Headquarters.
John McIntyre

Remembering Forward:
Hybrid Architectures from the 2018 Venice Architectural Biennale

Our cities and buildings speak to how we see ourselves and the world around us. Discuss how architecture can comment on the ever-evolving notion of our human condition.
Mark Harris

The Kitchen As We Know It Is Dying:
Make Way For The Kitchen of The Future

The kitchen as older generations have known it is making way for the kitchen of the future. The kitchen is now home office, entertainment central, place of homework doing and project collaborating. How do advances in appliance technology and the changes in meal preparation inform kitchen design today?
Lauren Murry
Brian Pignanelli
Beth Pilar Strongwater
Patti Naumann
Jed MacKenzie
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Lunch Break

Enduring Tech
Making Sure the High-Tech Items We Choose Today are Still Relevant in a Decade

Good choices in high-tech can positively impact any space, we will discuss three important criteria for choosing high-tech products that will still be relevant in a decade.
Brian Baker

Social Media and Your Design-Focused Business:
What Works? What Doesn’t? And How Much Should You Invest in Your Digital Platforms?

This presentation and discussion will delve into the oftentimes confusing and opaque waters of social media for design-focused firms. Social media platforms can be a powerful tool for design businesses to elevate their branding and drive tangible business, yet many design-focused businesses don't know how to best utilize them to their advantage. Social media experts will speak to best practices, and design pros will offer their thoughts on how important social media is to a design-focused firm. Architectural photographer James Florio will also talk about how he incorporates social media into his business and provide ideas on how to capture the best images of your work.
Abigail Plonkey
Holly Bell
Caroline Joan Peixoto
James Florio

The Personalization of Everyday Life

The mass-produced repeatability no longer holds the value it once did Advanced algorithms anticipate our individual needs and wants. What are the up side of personalization? More authentic experiences? What are the downsides?
Max Burton

Keynote –
Humans: Designing Within Our Species

This talk will cover a number of topics centered on what we know and don't know about people including instincts v. preconceptions and the ability of design to influence behavior, and the power it can give us as designers.
Dan Formosa, Ph.D.

Keynote – Drink Your Feelings
Learn How Creatives and Brewers Collaborate to Translate Craft Beer Concepts into Effective Brand Stories

Design can have emotional resonance, particularly in the craft beer world. Presenters from Anthem Branding and Upslope brewing will discuss collaboration between brewers and designers.
Michael Benjamin
Jacki Ognibene
Oct 17 2018

Henry Ford in the 21st Century: the 3-D Printed Bike

Since Henry Ford, we have developed processes to fit mass production and mass consumption. Now, today, disruptive technology is changing the game again and the limits will be on us as designers, not process or capital.
Doug Golenz

Can Tiny Homes Help Solve Denver’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

Interest in Tiny Homes has continued to grow and gain momentum across the country and here in Colorado. This session will explore ideas on how they could be one solution to affordable housing in our state.
Jonas DiCaprio
Peter Blank
Tim Reinen
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Lunch Break

The children of Today leading 3D printing tomorrow!

The 3D Printing Store’s workshop/hackathon/design competition.
Debra Wilcox
Adam Steinbach, NCARB, AIA

Keynote –
Empowering with Digital Print

When the tools don’t get you the results you need. How digital printing made me a better designer.
Dian Holton

Keynote –
Material, Craft and Technique: The Process of Design

Learn about designer Hylnur Atlason and his Manhattan-based studio and how they take on so many different project types, from a women’s razor to Xbox packaging to DWR’s wonderful womb of a chair, the Lîna Swivel.
Hylnur Atlason
Jason Belaire
Oct 18 2018

Data, Design and the Venture Studio:
A New Model for Social Change

Today’s challenges are so complex it is hard to make meaningful change. Denise and Aman’s work often achieves impact through “perturbing the system” - working at several levels at once and releasing solutions that affect the system in multiple places.
Aman Ahuja
Denise Gershbein

Design Local, Market Global:
Creating a Furniture Startup in Denver
and Marketing it Globally

The story of how an nationally known designer collaborated with a local Denver designer to create iconic functional furniture for airports with a discussion about forming a local company and marketing it to the world.
Michael McCoy
Julian Fentress

More Than A Logo:
How to Establish a Unique Brand in a Cookie Cutter World

We will dive into how every moving piece of your brand (and the experience that comes with it) can showcase this and how something like a font change can completely change a brand’s message
Becky Mickletz
Brandy Sachen
Brian Rogers
Josh Taylor

The Last 10% is Where the True Experience Lies

From interactive touchscreens to high impact video walls, Digital Signage is changing how we design spaces allowing us to strategically communicate messaging like we never have before.
Carolyn Copeland
Joe Malouff

Win by Design:
Lessons from the Frontlines

In this talk, Surya Vanka will share practical tips for organizations large and small to use design as a competitive advantage. He will share lessons learned from the frontlines from service design, interaction design and industrial design.
Surya Vanka

Keynote: Design and Prototyping the First Immersive 6DoF Camera

Join Joyce Hsu, a classically trained architect who heads up Facebook’s 3D projects, to learn more about the origins and future plans of The tech company’s cavernous “hardware lab,” sometimes called Area 404.
Joyce Hsu
Oct 19 2018

Design Week Closing Party – “A Model for Design”

Closing Event “A great building must begin with the immeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed, and in the end must be unmeasured.” -Louis Kahn Celebrate...
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