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Jul 11 2016
Jul 12 2016
Jul 13 2016
Jul 14 2016
Jul 15 2016

A S*Park of Inspiration:
How Branding Affects Place

An ultra-green, two city-block residential development in the RiNo neighborhood serves as a shining example of how to meld varied creative elements to create a distinct sense of livability. Is this a template for the future of urban living?
Mike Moore
Joshua Wills
Clem Rinehart
Jonathan Alpert

Virtually a Reality:
Incorporating VR in Your Design Practice

Virtual reality (VR) is changing the way designers, architects, and developers showcase work, engage new markets and improve client communications. Experience VR firsthand and discover accessible and creative ways to incorporate this promising technology into your practice.
Jessie Bender

Sensory Architecture:
Applying a Holistic Approach to Design

In Italian architect Simone Micheli’s interiors, which often provide an opportunity to explore one of his favorite subjects—spas—we clearly see his desire to create a sensory architecture to meet the need to rediscover oneself and the world through the senses.
Simone Micheli

Shifting Gears:
Design and the Driverless Car Revolution

Welcome to the future. Driverless vehicles have arrived ahead of schedule, and their impact on our lives in the coming years will be enormous. From the way we design our vehicles to how we reshape our urban landscape, the implications are vast and wide ranging. Author Rutt Bridges hosts.
Rutt Bridges

The New Kitchen Consumer:
How User Experience Has Changed the Most Important Room in the House

The kitchen is arguably the most used, most visible room in your house. Come learn from top designers how consumer expectations have changed, why experience-driven customers are more willing to invest in good design, and how the entire process has changed the way we think of kitchens.
Scott Sylvester
Elisabeth Aiello
Brian Pignanelli
Ann Hofmeister
Angela Otten
Kevin Vesel

Expanding Your Agency:
How to Make (and Get) More from Your Design Business

In the age of specialization, most design projects are sliced into smaller segments and distributed among more players. Hear from architects, fabricators, and makers who have successfully grown their reach by involving themselves in areas outside the traditional design process.
Rick Sommerfeld
Bill Moore
Breton Lujan
Mike Blea
Jordan Vaughn

What’s Next for Denver: Harnessing the Power of Our Built Environment

Renowned architect Jeff Sheppard leads a panel of designers, developers, and government leaders in a discussion of the challenges inherent in our current construction boom—and what solutions are within reach.
Beth Mosenthal
Jeff Sheppard
Tobias Strohe
Brad Buchanan
Jonathan Alpert

Zeitgeist in Modern Design:
Tapping into the Spirit of an Era

It’s the defining mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time: the concept of Zeitgeist holds powerful implications for the future of design. Visionary architect Michael Moore hosts.
Mike Moore

Show and Tell:
The Universal Language of Architectural Photography

Architectural photography powerfully transmits concepts and ideas which shape our world every day. But the process doesn’t end with hiring a photographer. The best designers know that strategic collaboration is the key to successful shoots—and they know, with great specificity, how to achieve it. You can, too.
Brandon Anderson
Dale Hubbard
Brad Tomecek
David Lauer
James Florio

Information is Cheap, Meaning is Expensive:
The Growing Need for Data Storytelling

Data is everywhere, and catching it is easy. But shaping numbers into meaningful stories can be problematic without a foundational understanding of the principles behind data storytelling. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.
Carrie Osgood
Doug Wilson
Derek Berardi

Equity by Design:
Why We Need to Represent the Demographics We Serve

Findings from the American Institute of Architects highlight quite a gender disparity in architectural firms, with only 17 percent of female graduates becoming principals or partners. Learn about the study, gain insight from local leaders, and find out ways to improve diversity and inclusion in your firm.
Martha Bennett
Cathy Rosset
Angela Van Do
Beth Mosenthal
Traci Lounsbury
Michelle Liebling

Beyond the Transaction:
Trends, Tech, and the Modern Consumer Experience

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical for leaders to better understand the needs of the modern consumer. Making the best use of available technology means engaging the customer by taking personalization and customization to a whole new place.
Yaniv Kanfi
Denise Manu
Alysha Archer
Claire Jordan

Regarding Denver:
Principles for an Enduring City

Historic Denver Executive Director Annie Levinsky walks you through the 10 Principles for an Enduring City, exploring how our city can retain its character, design quality, and unique identity during this period of growth.
Annie Levinsky

Modern Buildings are Historic, Too:
A Guide to Preservation

A practical, accessible guide to the State Historical Fund, available grants, and success stories from modern projects that made smart use of state resources.
Steve Turner

Tapping Into Design:
The Craft of Brewery Branding and Identity

Let’s talk about beer—and design, of course! From interior design to labels and logos, craft breweries have the opportunity to build business through design.
Monte Mitchell
Shannon Berner
Tristan Chan
Christie zumBrunnen
Brian O’Connell
Brandon Proff

Closing Keynote:
Design for a Disruptive Age

An internationally known writer, speaker, and advisor, Andrew Zolli is a Fellow of the National Geographic Society and a consultant to brands like GE, Nike, and Facebook. His closing keynote ties together themes of resilience in design, leaving attendees inspired and equipped to move their own work forward.
Andrew Zolli