Outdoor Art Space

Denver Design Week proudly debuted an outdoor art exhibition at Stanley Marketplace in 2020 featuring six local Denver artists, Autumn T. Thomas, Viviane Le Courtois, Rian Kerrane, Jodie Roth Cooper, Sean O’Neill, and Lio BUMBAKiNi. Each artist designed a unique piece which was displayed outside to provide a free, safe and accessible experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you missed the exhibition, check out their work and a little more about each artist below.

Autumn T. Thomas

Autumn T. Thomas creates curved sculptures by placing hundreds of cuts into pieces of wood, allowing the material to bend and arc, evoking the endurance required to thrive amidst intersecting forms of bias. Necessary Beings, 2.0 reflects the lengths to which women of color, like the artist, go in order to garner respect amidst overarching systemic racism.

Viviane Le Courtois

Viviane Le Courtois creates process-based artworks and conceptual installations since 1989. Her art often intrigues visitors by connecting art to everyday life and inviting thoughtful participation and conversations. She is an art instructor, curator, and, the co-founder of Processus, the institute of art and life.

Rian Kerrane

A collector of contemporary detritus and seeing value in material, form, and the inherent history of such finds, Rian Kerrane treats her studio as a laboratory for exploration. Her work is a nod to the aeronautical history of the site and Mr. John Denver. “Leaving” has not been a physical option during the pandemic, yet we have lost many.

Jodie Roth Cooper

Jodie Roth Cooper is an artist and designer, originally from London, currently working and residing outside of Denver, Colorado. He works in a variety of materials, but predominantly in metal and most often steel. Over the course of his practice he has learned to pair his background as a metalsmith with his experience in architectural design and digital fabrication.

Sean O’Neill

Sean O’Neill, a commercial and documentary filmmaker and photographer, said this about his piece, “Enriched in the ideas of betterment, advancement, progress — design ultimately is the catalyst, like gravity is the explanation to weight. Solutions present themselves as a step forward and are measured as such. ‘Good’ is something to revere, often following a set of rules, advancements even, discovered through lessons of the past. This is the track of progression. To enact change, design must be confrontational.”


Lio BUMBAKiNi is a self-taught artist who brings a global view to the Colorado art scene. Of Congolese descent, he boldly envisions the modern experience in swaths of folkloric imagery inspired by his African descent, Euro-centric upbringing, and the time he’s spent based in Colorado. His works range between paintings, drawings, mixed-media; to digital and performative installations.

Our 2020 Outdoor Art Space Host