Monday Sessions - July 17

Jul 17 2017

Autodesk Design Swarms Workshop: Hacking Homelessness

This is a day-long event led by Surya Vanka the creator of Design Swarms Workshops. Participants will be provided all materials, tools, and a completion certificate. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Autodesk the regular workshop fee of $400 has been subsided to $25 only for Denver Design Week 2017 attendees.
Surya Vanka, IDSA

16th Street Mall:
The Spine of the City

What is the future of the historic “backbone” of Denver’s 16th Street Mall? Originally the thoroughfare from the Highlands to the Capitol, 16th Street has transformed over the years to become an important public transportation hub and pedestrian promenade. Learn about the past, present and future of this historic Denver street.
Annie Robb Levinsky
Rich L. Von Luhrte
Brad Buchanan
John Desmond

Glass, Concrete, and Fonts: Is Typography Relevant in all Design Fields?

Typography defines a business and visually informs the world about its identity. Good typography promotes a brand, while bad typography can sink it. Learn the myriad ways the art of typography is used (and abused) in the world of design.
Kyle Read
Sandi Grigoryan
Doug Wilson
Travis Ladue

Designing an Affordable Denver:
Housing solutions for the 99%

Denver housing prices have skyrocketed, making it difficult for many to afford a home. And Millennials, who embrace the shared life, just don’t want large dwellings. It seems that micro housing is the perfect solution, but is it really cost effective for developers and will planning and zoning adapt to support it?
Jonathan Alpert
Jamie Licko
Nate Jenkins
Jeff Plous

Cooking up the Future:
The Role of Technology in Modern Kitchen Design

What’s next for the most important space in your house? Learn the answer from leading kitchen designers and top appliance experts who will reveal the latest in kitchen technology and the role it will play in kitchen design.
Kevin Vesel
Ed Hurley
Tamar Chang
Mark Hopwood
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Intermission & Lunch Break

Craft and Customization:
Highlighting Denver’s Maker Movement

By ignoring the lure of mass production and emphasizing the craft and authenticity of their handmade products, Denver’s professional maker-community has found their niche in the greater design and retail world.
Todd Budin
Donnie Criswell
Jordan Vaughn
Breton Lujan
Mike Blea
Phillip Mann

Design Optimization:
Technology is Changing How (and Why) We Design

Two designers explain how their forward-thinking firms are using new technology and techniques to create cutting edge work. Further, they’ll explain how it relates to ongoing projects both in Colorado and nationally.
Robert K. Otani
Chris O’Hara

Imagination Unleashed –
The Digital Invasion in Contemporary Art

Artists have always been innovators, reaching for new tools to express their artistic visions. Today, as technology advances, how are artists embracing the digital realm to take their work in exciting new directions?
Ivar Zeile

Good Design Is Good Business:
Creating Impactful, Modern Workplace Designs

Can employers be aware of whether their workplace environment is a help or a hindrance to their employees? And how can they raise the bar (on a budget) to retain their workforce and enhance the reputation of their brand?
Pauline Bargell
Lynn Coit
Traci Lounsbury
Melissa Regan
Abbie Reece

Sustainable Design 10 Years Later:
A Look Into LEED’s Pivot to the “WELL” Building Standard

How do various sustainability certifications programs’ successes and failures––as well as the potentials of initiatives and rating systems––continue to impact our built and natural environment?
Sydney Hamilton
Josh Radoff
Carson Shields
Rick Sommerfeld

An Indispensable Dialogue: The vital role of Landscape architecture in Modern Design

Landscape Architects play an important role in collaborating with architects to celebrate the beauty of a place through design. Explore this relationship and why Colorado provides the perfect opportunity for inspired modern design that celebrates the surroundings.
Ransom Beegles
Oct 15 2018

Design & Dine
Go Beyond The Dog Bowl

Join and learn the secrets from the Denver based company Outward Hound as their leaders take you through the 360 process from ideation through production.
Paul Banker
Michael Parness

Innovation by Design:
Every Organization Should Always Adapt and Pivot to Leverage Design Thinking

Being successful has always relied on the ability to work together and be creative. Learn how any organization can leverage design thinking to produce change, drive new ideas and deliver meaningful solutions
Thomas Lockwood
Edgar Papke

How the Sharing Economy is Shaping the Future of Design

In the new “sharing economy” we own much less and share much more. How will the places where people live, work, and play change to adapt to the “less is more” lifestyle?
Jesse Bank
Katie Dabbs
Adam Fenton
Kelly Davis, AIA
12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Lunch Break

In Your Head:
Integrating Virtual and Augmented Reality
Into the Practice of Design

Explore how virtual reality’s adoption into the creative process improves communication between designer and client, minimizes potential conflicts in the field and promotes a more collaborative design and construction process
Adam Steinbach, NCARB, AIA
Jim Pfeiffer, NCARB

A “Sense” of Denver:
How to Collect and Present Using the 5 Senses an Accurate Depiction of the City You Live In!

Explore how we, as designers, can create richer interactions with our cities by utilizing and experiencing it with our five human senses of touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.
Stephan Clambaneva, IDSA, MMM, B-Eng

Keynote –
‘Ship of State’ – From the Crow’s Nest to the Keel, Expert Navigation Through Vision,
Design, and the Human Experience

This talk will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and the responsibility of creative thinkers in developing our cultural hubs. Giving each of us a compelling perspective on our role(s) as community stabilizers, but also visionaries.
Eric Thoelke

Keynote –
Natural Form Contemporary Function:
A Zaha Hadid and Boffi Collaboration

Zaha Hadid Architects’ Filipe Pereira will provide a narrative of 520 W. 28th New York’s history, design strategy and build. The session will also focus on the project’s custom kitchen — COVE – that Zaha Hadid designed with, Boffi.
Filipe Pereira
Oct 16 2018

The City in Nature
Elevating the Urban Landscape

A discussion of the city’s evolution looking to the past, present and future of Denver’s urban green spaces. Using case studies from Tryba Architects’ projects including Denver’s Botanic Gardens and Google’s Boulder Headquarters.
John McIntyre