LoveCharlieJo was born August 2016 as a labor of love for my daughter, the company’s name sake. When she started to bring home stinky, petroleum candles that gave me headaches from chain stores I knew I had to try to make soy ones. As I experimented and lavished friends with ‘testers’ and ‘failures’ I was encouraged to keep going!

It’s the pure joy that sustains me. Nobody is EVER unhappy when they are smelling and choosing a candle. And then there is the infinite delight I feel when customers return because they can’t “Live Without that Scent.” 

I love the challenge and creative aspects of being a candle maker. From educating people to help them understand the importance of not vaporizing chemicals into the air that they breathe to pouring decadent scents into a clear container without any flaws. Turns out that is not near as easy as it sounds! 

The scents I use are Phthalate free and my candles are dye free. I also love that I can support Midwest, Soy, Farmers! 

Each candle I make has been test burned with a minimum of nine different wick sizes in each vessel to make sure that you are getting a candle with optimum burn time and performance. 

Check back often. I have more ideas and creative energy than I have time!      ~LoveCharlieJo