Coleman’s Haberdashy

Coleman's Haberdashy


Our husband and wife business is rooted in Steamboat Springs, CO.. My wife and I started “Coleman’s Haberdashery” 5 years ago, as a hobby, similar to many other small start-ups. Both of us are avid outdoor enthusiasts and were tired of every day accessories wearing out prematurely. We went to the drawing board to figure out how to make ourselves better, longer lasting products. After countless hours of research and development, Bison leather proved to be a clear choice with its added durability over cowhide and rich western character. We also researched stitching techniques, styles and machines vs. hand stitched. We chose to stick with saddle stitching by hand (the old fashioned way). Soon, we started playing around with wallet designs and small accessories for ourselves to wear, abuse, and put through the paces. After settling on a handful of styles, we started the business. With those styles, still at the core of our leather business, we have continued to grow our line into more bags, totes, earrings, satchels and fashionable pieces. All of our leather goods are intended to be functional, minimal, durable, and have rich American West character that will last a lifetime. We still exclusively use saddle stitching by hand, for even greater durability and longevity for our products. We even back our hand stitched items with a lifetime guarantee on the stitching. Whether you’re heading into town for an evening out, skiing, biking, or heading to the mercantile for some dry goods, we have you covered.
Coleman’s Haberdashery
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