Central Design Company

Central Design Company


Quality design can connect people to the world around us. It can communicate an idea, promote a brand or influence a culture. CENTRAL DESIGN COMPANY understands the importance of quality design and offers intuitive laser cut products and creative solutions that enhance that connection.

CONNECT A CONCEPT: We strongly believe that concept is central to a strong connection in design. Our accessory lines offer products that celebrate the details and capture the shapes, textures, and patterns from concepts relative to many forms. Inspired by architecture, literature, mathematics, science, nature, geography, history, culture and art— our products find inspiration in even the smallest of details.

CONNECT A MESSAGE: We offer intuitive solutions to help communicate your message. Our BE WELL line of products provides a thoughtful way to influence behavior and encourage others to keep a space clean and sanitary.  Or you may choose to customize your own message throughout any of our product categories.

CONNECT A BRAND: We offer creative solutions to help promote your brand with custom signage and useful merchandise that can remain central to help your brand stay present.