Birgitta Wild

Birgitta Wild


Gitta Mikk is a self taught, independent artist, and is best known for her boldly colored, large acrylic paintings of women with wild hair, tattoos and unseeing eyes. The CO based artist has been making art since 2002 and specializes in canvas paintings that emphasize vibrant (sometimes neon) color, and express the intense emotions she experiences as someone who is neuro-divergent. 

Recognizing that not everyone can accommodate large canvases in their homes, Gitta has made her artwork available in the form of high quality prints in sizes ranging from 5 inches to 5 feet, as well as vibrantly colored stickers. Everything she sells is locally made and supports independent small businesses. 

In a patriarchal society where mental illness is stigmatized, her artwork conveys the power of being female and a certain glorious insanity. She draws inspiration from her own experiences with bipolar disorder and all of the intense highs and lows she feels, sometimes simultaneously, to connect with that internal storm in her viewers. She utilizes strong body language and color to evoke a different side of being feminine; one of power and energy. Through her artwork, Gitta frees herself and viewers to connect with their own beauty in madness.