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Sep 23 2020

Designers of Colorado presented by the
American Graphic Designers Association, Colorado

Be inspired.  A wide range of local Colorado creatives share their stories and experiences during the pandemic – Graphic designers, architects, photographers, UX/UI, illustrators, videographers, motion graphics, interior designers, and fashion designers.  All have endured this crisis in isolation and all have found creative ways to not only survive, but...
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Past, Present & Future of the AEC Industry
presented by The Women in Lighting + Design Denver Chapter

What is the history of lighting?  What are the current challenges facing the industry?  What comes next?  The Women in Lighting + Design Denver Chapter’s panel of female designers delves into these questions to discuss technology innovation, business strategies, and design & collaboration within the architecture and construction sector.  The panelists’ extensive experience in...
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Nancy Clanton
Karla Nugent
Nicole Hammer
Blythe von Reckers
Becky Stone

The Emotional & Transformative Power of Light in the
Built Environment presented by International Association
of Lighting Designers Rocky Mountain Chapter

Good lighting doesn’t just happen. It’s designed. Join members of the International Association of Lighting Design as they showcase award winning lighting design projects and discuss the importance of light in life and architecture. Elevate the language of light on your projects and understand the power of light on humans...
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Virtual Surgeries on Mars? Feeding a Global Population Amidst Climate Change?
Design Makes it Happen. presented by CannonDesign

Right now, Colorado has some of the boldest and most exciting health, education and research projects in the world taking shape. This session will look at the design processes behind these projects and how design is elevating these projects to help us address the most pressing issues of our time....
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Don Grody
Tim Barr
Stacey Root

A Discussion Into Forced Human Migration and
How Design Can Impact It presented by Studio Completiva

According to the UN, there are currently 80 million people, 1% of the world population, uprooted from their homes after fleeing wars or persecution. This number has doubled in the past 10 years. As we look to the future, we will encounter rapid urbanization driven by slums, more and larger...
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Bilal Daher
Yong Cho

Tiny Solutions: Big Impact presented
by Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects

With over 5,800 people experiencing homelessness in the Denver Metro region, and 940+ of that population unsheltered, living on the streets, under bridges, abandoned buildings or open areas, it’s no secret that this is a serious challenge for the City of Denver. A team of designers from SA+R partnered with...
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Adam Bushman
Amy McCann
Cole Chandler
Matthew Krick

The Creative Curiosity of Susan Hable
presented by Hoff Miller Ltd

Textile Artist.  Designer.  Writer.  Painter.  Sculptor.  We invite you to experience the wonderful creative process of Athens-based Susan Hable and get a behind-the-scenes peek into what inspires her.  With a fine arts education, her curiosity allows her to expand outside her origins of bold and graphic textiles into writing books, designing...
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Susan Hable

Three Keys to Collaborative
Design/Builds from a Distance
presented by Black Hound Design Company

We are all navigating the new normal and trying to figure out how to best approach our collaborative projects and client relationships.  What are the best practices for working with fellow designers, clients and colleagues on large projects?  This panel will provide tactical, actionable tips on how to ensure a project’s...
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Kate Hixson
Kelly Gavlick
Geneva Kowalski

Improv & Improve: How Design Systems Evolve
presented by ambrook

How fast can you think on your feet? Improv players are trained to be able to create on the fly, while tying all the threads together to form a cohesive story. It’s a similar challenge faced by teams when building out a design system – the product or brand might...
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Jeff Hilnbrand

THIS MAGIC MOMENT – How Delight and Joyous
ImaginationHelps Make Real Connections
presented by Practice Studios

Good design serves a purpose, but great design surprises us, challenging us to look at the world in a new light. In this talk, animation directors Adrian Bishop and Mike Slane of Practice share how joyful imagination and fearless play can help us all breakthrough to create our best work....
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Adrian Bishop
Mike Slane

A New Day for the South Platte River
presented by Shears Adkins Rockmore Architects

Usually eclipsed by the mountains as our favorite land formation, the South Platte River has been an essential lifeline for the inhabitants of the area now known as Denver for centuries. Shears Adkins Rockmore (SA+R) Architects takes you on a tour of the history of the South Platte while giving...
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Andy Rockmore, AIA
Chris Shears, FAIA
Claire Morris
Ryan Meeks, AIA

Running a Design Business that Legally Protects You
presented by Creatives Learn Law

For designers, client headaches pretty much come with the territory. But wouldn’t it be great if at least some of them could be eliminated? Join the attorneys behind Creatives Learn Law for a one hour masterclass on managing your design business like a boss with insights into understanding limited liability...
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Allie and Ashley

Design Focus: From Mourning to Healing
presented by Norris Design

With traditional places of mourning such as funeral homes and places of worship rendered unaccessible due to the pandemic, some are turning to the outdoors for answers. Join Denver-based landscape architecture firm Norris Design as they explore the potential of using biophilic principles of design to transform outdoor spaces into...
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Alisha Kwon Hammett
Megan Testin

Suburban Intensification – A New Sense of Place
presented by Tryba Architects

Even before the pandemic and work-fromhome measures seemed to favor low-density living, the suburbs were thriving. So why not make them more connected and sustainable places to live and work? A panel facilitated by Kathleen Fogler of Tryba Architects will explore the evolution of suburban mixed use environments and how...
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Neil Marciniak
Kathleen Fogler
Chad Brue
Oct 21 2020

Women in Design’s 15th Annual 8 x 8 Event:
Activating the Community Through Design

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