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From Zero to Circular – A Greater Sustainable Future

Today, the world is resource constrained. Everything that we, as designers, make has an impact. Do you know what it takes to make the things you conceive? What about what happens to them when they are no longer of use? As we experience the effects of climate C\change, we have to think of the role we play.  We say ‘Human Centric Design’, but the facts show that we, as humans, are not making the best decisions for a sustainable world… and we are running out of time.

To change the trajectory, we have to redesign everything; the products we produce, what they are made of and what happens to them at the end of their life. We need to move from a linear – take, make, waste, model to a circular model – keeping waste from incineration, landfills and our precious global oceans.

This particular panel discussion is designed to help educate you on what the circular economy is, what is driving it and how to create and or grow a culture of Zero Waste/Circular Design to do your part to create a future of ‘Eco-Centered Design”/“Regenerative Design”.