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A Look At The Current State Of Women In The Design Culture Through The Work Of Florence Knoll

Florence Knoll’s name is synonymous with iconic design that ranges from credenzas to modern-day workplace solutions. We owe the offices that we work in––and many of the rooms we live in––to her keen eye. As a forward thinking architect, designer and planner, as well a pioneer for her gender Florence Knoll, who recently celebrated the centennial of her birth, continues to inspire.

Denver Design Week celebrates her 100th birthday with this session exploring the history of Florence and the Knoll brand alongside a robust conversation about the state of women in Colorado Design.

Applicable for men and women across all design disciplines, this very special session features an all-star panel of women architects and interior designers, who continue to make their mark on Colorado’s design culture, including Gillian Johnson of Burkett EUA, Lisa M. Abendroth of Metropolitan State University of Denver, LEED-certified designer Jenny West and 2017 AIGA Fellow Award recipient Amy Siegal.

Join us at the beautiful ELEMENTS showroom downtown for Denver Women In Design: A Celebration In Honor Of Florence Knoll’s 100th Birthday, an evening of frank conversation that looks at women in design, where they stand, where they’ve been and what can be focused on to make it better.

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