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It all started with coloring books…

…and my Mom’s limitless patience while trying to persuade me to draw within the lines. These days, my lines are digital, and generally, much easier to stay within. What hasn’t changed since those early days is my love of working with color and shape…creating emotional combinations of both of those elements while striving to create illustrations that have a unique visual energy.

I currently work from my home studio in Denver, Colorado, where I gain inspiration from the blue skies, vibrant culture, and amazing history of this unique city. I bring more than 30 years of experience
to my craft and take a lot of pride in bringing that history to my work technically, professionally, creatively, and in a fully supportive way. My flexibility and versatility have kept my illustrations current in today’s ever changing market. My goal in every assignment is to work closely with the client to come up with a conceptually strong and well-designed illustration.

I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you and seeing what we can create together.