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The Mid-Century Modern Phenomenon: Explore It, Then Tour It

For over 20 years, Mid-century modern architecture and design has seen not just a revived interest but has actually gained momentum with mid-century modern home prices escalating well beyond other home typologies. And vintage mid-century modern furniture also continues to gain in value while designs inspired by the ”mid-mod” look are now so ubiquitous that you can get them at Target.

Why is this happening? Is it just a trend that has stayed afloat on the obsession of a small dedicated base and beginning its descent into being cliché?

Or is the powerful allure grounded in something more principled?

MCM architect William Krisel stated last year, “Mid-Century Modern architecture is not a style and is based on solid principals of design and human needs, along with functionalism, respect for the environment, and solving the basic human desires for livability.”

From a practical approach, how does this architecture and design serve the modern family? What elements have endured and where has it fallen short?

These questions will be posed to a panel of mid-century modern experts, Peter Blank of Mile High Modern, Adrian Kinney of Colorado Mid-Century Modern Home, Design Platform’s Jonas DiCaprio and author and artist Bill Nelson. They’ll discuss the issue in a fun and lively conversation to be held inside a Mid-Century Modern home in Krisana Park.

But Wait, There’s More!

There is a tour of Krisana Park homes following this session. Those who purchase tickets to the session will receive a discount code for $5 off the tour.

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Mid-Century Modern:
Pop Culture Trend or Enduringly Relevant Design?

Krisana Park Home
1316 S. Elm Street
Denver, CO 80220

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