Thursday Sessions | July 14

Jul 14 2016

Beyond the Transaction:
Trends, Tech, and the Modern Consumer Experience

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical for leaders to better understand the needs of the modern consumer. Making the best use of available technology means engaging the customer by taking personalization and customization to a whole new place.
Yaniv Kanfi
Denise Manu
Alysha Archer
Claire Jordan

Regarding Denver:
Principles for an Enduring City

Historic Denver Executive Director Annie Levinsky walks you through the 10 Principles for an Enduring City, exploring how our city can retain its character, design quality, and unique identity during this period of growth.
Annie Levinsky

Modern Buildings are Historic, Too:
A Guide to Preservation

A practical, accessible guide to the State Historical Fund, available grants, and success stories from modern projects that made smart use of state resources.
Steve Turner

Tapping Into Design:
The Craft of Brewery Branding and Identity

Let’s talk about beer—and design, of course! From interior design to labels and logos, craft breweries have the opportunity to build business through design.
Monte Mitchell
Shannon Berner
Tristan Chan
Christie zumBrunnen
Brian O’Connell
Brandon Proff