Monday Sessions | July 11

Jul 11 2016

A S*Park of Inspiration:
How Branding Affects Place

An ultra-green, two city-block residential development in the RiNo neighborhood serves as a shining example of how to meld varied creative elements to create a distinct sense of livability. Is this a template for the future of urban living?
Mike Moore
Joshua Wills
Clem Rinehart
Jonathan Alpert

Virtually a Reality:
Incorporating VR in Your Design Practice

Virtual reality (VR) is changing the way designers, architects, and developers showcase work, engage new markets and improve client communications. Experience VR firsthand and discover accessible and creative ways to incorporate this promising technology into your practice.
Jessie Bender

Sensory Architecture:
Applying a Holistic Approach to Design

In Italian architect Simone Micheli’s interiors, which often provide an opportunity to explore one of his favorite subjects—spas—we clearly see his desire to create a sensory architecture to meet the need to rediscover oneself and the world through the senses.
Simone Micheli

Shifting Gears:
Design and the Driverless Car Revolution

Welcome to the future. Driverless vehicles have arrived ahead of schedule, and their impact on our lives in the coming years will be enormous. From the way we design our vehicles to how we reshape our urban landscape, the implications are vast and wide ranging. Author Rutt Bridges hosts.
Rutt Bridges