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Are You Prepared to Thrive Amid Disruption?

Now more than ever, the world is a complex and deeply interconnected place. We rely on partners and collaborators — personal, professional, governmental, environmental — to expand our reach and move innovation forward. But that same interconnectivity leaves us vulnerable to outside forces that are often as unknown as they are unforeseen.

In other words: what does a 2009 food riot in the poorest parts of Mexico have to do with Hurricane Katrina, anyway?


Andrew Zolli knows all about the outside forces that shape (and transform) our lives. An internationally known author and speaker, Zolli is a strategic advisor to brands like GE, Nike, Facebook, and PwC, and to social sector organizations including PlanetLabs, Datakind, and The Workshop School. He travels the world advancing a global dialogue on resilience, sharing insights on how to help people and systems persist, recover, and thrive amid disruption.

Zolli is the closing keynote speaker at this year’s Denver Design Week, where he’ll discuss ‘Design for a Disruptive Age.’ Attendees can expect a fascinating, lucid, entertaining tour of the trends, ideas, and forces shaping our century — and the critical role of design in addressing them.

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Andrew Zolli’s Closing Keynote Presentation

Friday, July 15
Denver Art Museum
6:00 p.m. (with a public reception with the author to follow)

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